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What We Offer

Cloud-based loan origination platform built for commercial real estate brokers. Fintersect's solutions optimize the commercial real estate deal intake, loan pre-qualification review and marketing processes. With standardized, automated workflows, the Fintersect solution reduces your cycle times and streamlines deal packaging and marketing processes without giving up control.  The Fintersect platform will enable you to pre-qualify borrowers quickly and improve your deal flow pipeline.


It’s All in the Details

Automate and standardize deal origination processes. Pre-screen and refine applications in an organized fashion; gone are the laborious spreadsheet and email approaches. All documents and deal information are organized in a virtual data room. Minimizes delays and rejections while maximizing successful outcomes for you and your clients.

Building Plans


Customized to Your Preferences

Your staging area for draft and market ready deals. The interface to all our products for organized deal management includes:

  • Sharing - invite clients and referring brokers to provide initial data input and supporting documents

  • Organization - Refine and publish deals once while distributing broadly

  • Efficient deal level communication – including provision for comprehensive deal notes to lenders 

  • Marketing – invite lenders to securely review deals and control access to loan artifacts

  • Data Ownership – central archive of your deal information and associated communication

  • Standardized processes for initial quoting

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We take security very seriously; we know customers demand trust and that the regulatory environment of our clients is the minimum level we need to operate at and we've built Fintersect from the ground up with this in mind.


Data in-transit is secured with HTTPS/TLS 1.2 and at-rest using 256-bit AES Encryption, one of the strongest block ciphers available.


All your customers data resides within Canada and doesn't move beyond those borders for processing.


A digital presence needs to be ready whenever your clients want to engage.  Our platform is highly-available with multiple redundancy zones located across Canada.  We operate the platform with a 99.9% uptime target.

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